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The chandra mala necklace - mala jewelry brings calmness and abundance

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The Chandra Mala exudes the excellence of Indah’s artisans. An excellent example of incredible and unique craftsmanship.  This piece of mala jewelry symbolizes pure abundance.  In fact, the mystic topaz wards off evil.  This then allows our minds to feel at ease. These malas are truly unique. They bring a sense of calmness to the wearer.  Additionally, they help to balance mood swings.  They do this by promoting joyfulness and confidence. As well as vitality. The name Chandra is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin, and means the "moon shining".  Traditionally used for prayer, this is reflected in what this piece reveals in the wearer. 

In addition, you can learn more about your gems in the Crystals section of the site.  This includes their healing properties, how to store, cleanse and recharge your gems.

Revel in abundance with your mala jewelry

Coco Effendi designs all of the The World Of INDAH pieces herself.  Our talented team of artisans handcraft each piece in Indonesia.  In fact, they use traditional techniques and tools.  They use recycled metals. Each piece is made using 24k gold or genuine silver. Depending on your preference. Make your choice! 

All INDAH gems are available in gold and silver

INDAH means beautiful in Bahasa Indonesian. Designed to bring the bearer confidence and empowerment. Each piece awakes the goddess within.

The creation of your mala jewelry

At The World Of INDAH, we believe family is important. In particular, we have carefully selected  our factory’s in small villages.  Therefore, our artisans can stay close to home and be there in person to support their families.  Additionally, we provide children who graduate from school with an opportunity to train in our factories.  This is so they can become artisans. Obviously, this means traditional Indonesian techniques can be carried down from generation to generation.

How To Wear Your INDAH your mala jewelry

Firstly, Quiet the mind. Secondly, take a moment in stillness and set your intentions when you first put your INDAH gems.  This will activate their healing powers.


Necklace Length: 74cm
Extender: 10cm
Brass Moon: 2cm width
Full Pendant: 5cm 
Mystic Topaz: 8x12cm